DAASH is an architectural studio that develops architectural and interior design services based in Yogyakarta. Established at the end of 2019 by Agil Saputrohadi. DAASH is currently focusing on small to medium scale projects such as Residential buildings, Offices, Public Space, Educational buildings. DAASH aims to be an architectural studio that can manifest its user’s needs through analytical and conceptual approaches and to implement the concept into space functions with the sharpness of the architectural values which has its unique identity design. DAASH does a lot of personal and private projects. Residential houses, offices, housing are some of the jobs that we often do. Our studio focuses on design and supervision.



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Agil Saputrohadi 
Agil saputrohadi is an architect graduted from Yogyakarta University of Technology in 2014 ago. his first career in architecture began when he was a student. he became a junior architect in Rekamatra Architecture Firm from Yogyakarta in 2013. Then, he continued his career professionally from 2014 to 2018 in JP Studio Architecture firm and Interior studio in Yogyakarta. Through the course of his career, he worked on the design of commercial buildings, Residential, office, and interior design in several cities such as Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, and moreover. He also had dealt with overseas projects, one of them is in Singapore.

Affran Affandi

Hanif Ihsanudin

Azki Abdilah

Ilham Arif



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